What's this?

UOS-LPC800 is a real-time operating system for NXP LPC800 series. It provides multi-tasking, sleep, yield, and message-passing features in your design easily. You can select the scheduling algorithm such as Round-Robin or Priority-Based. Please see uosdef.h for the details. The implementation of the kernel is really simple. You can learn how the RTOS works, and how RTOS implemented by examining the source codes.


  • Really small footprint for LPC800:

    UOS-LPC800 was developed for NXP LPC800 series.
    The minimum footprint of the kernel is 2KB.
  • Very short readable source codes:

    Ultra readable source codes for learning RTOS!
    Have you ever seen readable RTOS source codes?
    Don't you have any source codes for learning RTOS?
    Yes! UOS-LPC800 is the perfect solution for it!
  • Two different scheduling algorithms in the kernel:

    UOS-LPC800 has two different scheduling algorithms such as Round-Robin and Priority-Based.
    You can try the two different algorithms with the configuration.
  • Simple implementation using C and ARM assembly:

    This is the best choice for leanring ARM Cortex-M0 processor with LPC800 series.
    Some source codes are implemented with ARM assembly.
    However, That's not a big problem because it's very short codes.